Dr. Dilla Sangraula. The country has been liberated from an inviolable and stubborn government. 165 lawmakers have expressed confidence in Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. The people have high expectations from this government. Now, the government led by Hon’ble Prime Minister Deuba should spare no effort to fulfill the demands of the people. The CPN (UML), the main opposition party that has just come out of power, is misleading that this government is not the mandate of the people, but the supreme command.

In fact, contrary to the spirit of the constitution, it is the result of dissolving the House of Representatives twice and gaining a majority as per Article 76 (5) of the constitution. Since the final interpretation of the constitution is from the Supreme Court, this government is not made by order, it is made by mandate.

1. Minimum Common Program: The current government should make the minimum common program and bring necessary programs for the implementation of the constitution, survival of the common Nepali people and livelihood.

2. Infection Management: For the management of corona infection, first of all, consultation should be done with the help of physicians through the expert mechanism and diplomatic initiative should be taken to ensure that every Nepali is vaccinated against corona first.

3. Employment: Millions have lost their jobs. Immediate relief arrangements should be made for them and rehabilitation and reintegration of Nepalis from abroad as well as the employment sector should be made systematic and dignified.

4. End of Impunity: Past peace and security has been disrupted, impunity has increased. There were many incidents of children and women. Even after three years, Nirmala did not get justice. It needs to be judged.

5. Good Governance: Good governance and transparency in the country evaluate the performance of the government. When there is good governance, the service of the people flows and the people become the beneficiaries and the country moves towards prosperity.

Finally, V.P. I would say put a photo of a poor farmer in the Planning Commission and implement the plan only with that in mind. The government has been formed under the leadership of the Nepali Congress, a party led by all three Mahamanav VPs. I strongly urge this new government to move forward on the path of national unity and reconciliation so that it does not lose its footing and bears the historic responsibility.

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