Narendra Raj Kambang. It was the time of the Gurkha movement. On the one hand, there was difficulty in building the organization, and on the other hand, the insistence of the party and other outside intellectuals related to the party was equally strong. Whether it was the high-ranking politicians in the government who could speak for the people with access to foreign countries or the police, the administration or the judiciary all knew that the demands of the British Gurkha Bhupus were justified, they were not healing.

Due to the changing situation, the state’s intellectual organizations and the media supported Gorkha’s loud voice. Now the responsibility was on the government. However, the effectiveness of the government has not been seen whether it is in a state of speech or a powerless state. Even if the government bids, why not? Would that have happened? He used to pretend to speak in the name of diplomacy. On the other hand, the British Ministry of Defense, without any hesitation, pointed out the living standard of Nepal and the comparative ridicule of the remuneration of those who were not generals in the state could be heard in the media. Moreover, he was adamant that the decision of the foreign army was implemented without any consideration for the independent sovereign nation of the century. Those who had access through the government reached in front of the king, found the king’s khapki, did not turn back, bowed their heads and moved away from the king’s sight. He used to repeat the sentence without missing a single syllable in the sense that he had to satisfy himself by reciting it to San.

People like us who didn’t sell anything. Being organized was the only way to raise your voice. While pleading with the state, you were shouting in the streets far from the reach of communicating with foreigners. Concerning them, Kansiri would get angry and say, “His father is our standard of living. Our P.M. And what about the generals? Unwanted left hand. If you can’t die, you have to keep an account to work, what is the standard of living at the time of giving and what else? ” We murmured and murmured and shouted Sakinjyal, jumping up and down the slogan prepared for the campaign.

Time passed. The demand raised by the Gurkha army was not covered by the media at home and abroad. The British people did not know the inner truth about the Gorkhas, the value of the British crown and the blood and sweat they shed for the people. The British Ministry of Defense and the Government of Nepal, in a more general sense than usual, put aside the value of the sweat and blood of the Gorkhas with sweet, emotionally friendly words. In the same way, the people of Balati are also in the heart of their chest and on the side of their mind to understand the truth. As a result of the movement, the reality of the British government’s treatment of the Gorkhas became known to the world. And when the British people started shouting that they were mistaken, the British Ministry of Defense was finally left alone. However, he did not look so easy and kind. Still, the Ministry of Defense is not as happy with the work it has done on behalf of the government for the Gorkhas under pressure from the British people.

The Gorkhas, who felt that we had been wronged and joined the movement, did not think that the British would change anything so quickly. Listening to the essence of this movement was the unimaginable struggle of a small group of survivors like the foreign rule system of Satsamundra Pari, the country where the sun never sets, the foreign language, the culture, the country is all alien. In their minds, tolerating injustice was just a crime. In the process of seeking justice, the world will know what is right and what is wrong. It will be written in history that justice has been sought for injustice. The next generation will not be cursed or if justice is done, the next generation will have to do something fair. However, the British Ministry of Defense did not shy away from morality despite its tough stance on self-purification after public outcry around the world and the voice of the people in the country. The line was drawn. Due to which, the Gurkha Bhupus were divided into two new and impractical camps which were not mentioned in the tripartite treaty which got legitimacy. An undeclared but seemingly timeless (British + Gorkhali who can get salary allowance like British Army in pounds) and another Indikhali (India + Gorkhali who can get pension in Indian Rupees only like Indian Imperial Army).

Now that the Gorkhas are settling in the UK, one era has ended and another has begun. In this way, centuries will pass. At a time when some of the various conditions of the Gorkhas in the divided mentality in the UK are viewed critically, it is impossible to talk about the post-ninety Gorkhas. When you meet and talk to Indikhali old Bhupus, do they ever fall? Can it be eaten and stuck on the ground?

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