Bhim Upadhyaya. Everyone should understand that Sher Bahadur Deuba is the leader who has been able to reach the date without saying a word. He was a master of politics. He also studied in the UK. While studying at TU, he was also the president of the Nepali Union.

Even though he was born in a poor ordinary family, in a remote village of Dadeldhura, Sher Bahadur Deuba is a self-made man. They are not leaders who are blessed by anyone. Just like BP has become a leader. It is their destiny and karma to have the right association with political cultures.

He has learned well from his elders how to run the politics of power. They are also smart and successful in organizing. The leaders of the ruling parties are also good at reconciling. They do not run after anyone. Even if they don’t speak, they can sit quietly and get everyone together. All his cadres and even his family members are scared when they are in front of him.

He has managed to become the Prime Minister five times like Girija Prasad Koirala, not by following Luruluru.

He opened a new party, reunited with the old one, and became prime minister, president, and still is president. No other party leader can be found to be the president and prime minister of a united party by reuniting after splitting the party. Look at Bamdev, Mahantha, Upendra and Baburam. Sher Bahadur is an exception.

To date, he has succeeded in becoming the sole leader of the Unified NC, and there is still no leader in the party who can oppose him. Now they are getting old too. However, despite having so many opportunities, Sher Bahadur Deuba has not been able to make a concrete contribution to the country. However, when he becomes PM, the support of the world’s democracies is many times greater than that of the leftists.

There are no Dautari leaders of the same age as Sher Bahadur in and out of the party, all are juniors. Therefore, there is no ego fight within the party as there is in UML, Maoist and Madhesi parties, where no one cares about anyone because they are all contemporaries. Therefore, Sher Bahadur is also the oldest leader inside and outside the party with the highest age difference, among the most active top surviving senior leaders.

I have experienced that his working style is like this. In my experience, he has not interfered much in the work of any of the ministers of the parties participating in the government. Set everyone free They don’t speak at all. Seeing these smiles, one should be satisfied that Pauda also understood the matter. I find myself smiling when I talk to others who don’t want to laugh. Everything seems to be forgotten and even forgotten. This is the pain after meeting, what is the meaning of meeting after forgetting? What work Everything seems to depend on their youth support PA Bhanu Deuba. If Bhanu did it, it would be a job, otherwise it would not be meaningful to meet him. My personal work has never been made, if it is a government job, it will be his reputation.

It seems that his wife Arju Rana coordinates the government or politics. Despite being the granddaughter of Shri 3 Mohan Samsher, Arju Rana seems to be very sociable, simple and easygoing. I have found that he has addressed all of them with respect. Arju has a sweet speech, I don’t see nobility. Although I didn’t have any work to do, I had to meet PM Sher Bahadur Deuba, Arju Rana and Bhanu Deuba from time to time as I was a departmental minister in my ministry. This is my acquaintance. (The author is a former Secretary to the Government of Nepal.)

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