Aryan Dhakal. London. What is the speed of time? We don’t know when we will be released. The pace at which we are today. Tomorrow may not reach the same pace. That is, we can escape while we are in motion. Yes, technology is taking off so fast that we can get away with it. This is another truth of the time. But, we will not miss it.

With the development of technology, many service providers are becoming dependent on the Internet. You see, the news of reaching from one place to another after months has reached today in an instant. Financial transactions that have to be done by spending hours in a bank can be done at the same time through mobile banking and internet banking. Technology has made many of these cumbersome tasks much easier.

Now it is as easy as sending money from one place to another. Money Two has played an additional role in making this facility even easier.
Evaluating your hard earned money, Manitu Limited from UK has launched remittance service for Nepal. Under which you can send money to Nepal quickly and securely with excellent exchange rate using Manitu’s app or website There is no charge for sending money.

Let’s talk about mobile banking
We use mobile banking to send a lot of money. How easy it is to send money to your family abroad by using the app on your smartphone. We can pay for the required items by scanning. You don’t have to go to the office of the concerned organization to pay the telephone and electricity bill. See how easy it is.
But, technology has made it easier for us. Along with the easy, the challenge has also increased. With the use of technology comes the challenge of protecting our personal information. That is what is discussed here.

Online banking is more convenient and reliable than the mobile banking we use. It is also safest to send money through online banking for your personal information. Because when sending money, our personal information and money goes directly from one bank to another. There is no third party service in online banking. Who handles your information. You are only allowed to send money to recipients with a bank account. Which ensures that the other person’s identity is verified. Transferring money from a bank account through online banking is generally fast, free and secure.

Many who use mobile banking may find it easier to do business through mobile. You may not believe it. However, online transactions are safer and more convenient than mobile banking. There are many similarities between online and mobile banking. But there are some differences. Banking technology should be at the service of customers whose lives are increasingly demanding.
Online banking refers to transactions that are typically conducted under a personal profile from a bank’s website and from a desktop or laptop computer, via the Internet. These transactions should go to one of the services traditionally offered at the local branch. Online banking transactions are generally defined as having such features. Which is presented here:

This includes mobile banking as well as financial transactions conducted on the Internet through a bank’s secure website. The bank may have physical branch locations or it may only exist online.

When it comes to financial transactions, online banking is about convenience and control. Online banking is suitable for anyone who wants to access their data and other banking related services at any time. Between mobile devices, tablets and standard desktops you can operate your banking needs on your own terms.

Our digital platform, eBanking, allows you to easily check your balance, make transfers and pay bills, but in a hassle-free way. But online banking offers these exciting features. Which are as follows:

Alerts and notifications: Be aware of transaction and balance alerts.

External Transfers: Easily transfer money with another person or between your accounts in another financial institution.

Online Account: Open a new account from anywhere in minutes.

Money Management: Track all your financial relationships in one place.

Mobile check deposit: Deposit check without visiting a branch.

Quick Balance Widget: Quickly view your account balance from your home screen or notification center on your mobile device.

In mobile banking you can get some of the above mentioned facilities. However, services like online banking are not available. Also, if you use online banking through Money Two, it can be a great way to compete in technology.

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