Kathmandu. In every family relationship , husband and wife do not get along. There are disputes over small things. In some cases, due to such problems, both of them have to be separated. Some have even committed suicide because they could not bear the quarrels at home. Today we have come up with how to make the relationship between the couple smooth.

Even simple things in married life cause problems. Hindus should wear vermilion so that it is clearly visible. Sindoor has a great meaning in marriage.

According to information, positive energy is generated when wearing sindoor. Recently, many women shy away from using sindoor. If you feel embarrassed or ashamed while wearing vermilion, you can benefit by keeping the vermilion under the pillow of your bedroom.

If there is no improvement in married life after doing this, worship Lord Ganesha every Tuesday with vermilion. If there are temples near the house, then it is best to go to that temple or keep photos at home and worship with dipo, sweets and vermilion. On the other hand, fish meat, garlic, onion should not be eaten on Saturday, it is better to eat pure Shahkari ( vegetables ) food on that day.

In order to create a married life like that of Shiva and Parvati, keep the pictures of God in the worship room and not in the sleeping room. When a woman wears bangles, it affects her husband’s ears, so it is considered beneficial to wear bangles on hands and gold on ears.

Also, burn camphor in the morning every evening. Even if there is a mirror in the bedroom, it can increase the conflict. When there is a conflict common in other Nepali society, when one person is fire, the other can be water, this way you can also strengthen the relationship.

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