Life Style : The number of women who come to the hospital with sexual and reproductive health problems is higher. In women, genital itching, infection, swelling and other reproductive problems are seen. Such problems faced by women are not their own fault. Because of men, they are forced to face various problems.

Some infections can be caused by unprotected sex, especially with men. Some people get unwanted pregnancy after sex. Women are not comfortable even if they have to grow a pregnancy or have an abortion. In some cases, there is a risk of problems in their uterus after abortion.

Apart from that, HIV is transmitted to women because of men. Even if you don’t eat poison, how many women are forced to be part of it without doing anything wrong.

In addition, reasons such as not properly cleaning the genitals after sex also cause problems. Women come to our hospital after suffering from gonorrhea, syphilis, fungal infection. Sexual and reproductive problems that bother women more are caused by various infections. There are many types of this infection. Women are more affected by sexually transmitted infections than men.

Woman in Mar

Reproduction is a complex process. Both men and women need it. But the role of women remains more. In child production, the male only produces sperm and delivers it to the female’s genitals (vagina).

But women don’t just produce eggs, they take the man’s sperm to develop the entire embryo, give birth to a child and also breastfeed. As the role of women is greater, the number of reproductive organs and their activity are both higher, so the risk is also higher.

secure relationship

Possible mistakes should be discussed during intercourse. If you are not planning to conceive, you should be careful while having sex. There should not be ‘over confidence’ without means. Similarly, condoms should be used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Vigilance is necessary

There are both types of women in Nepal. The first is not aware of sexual problems because of ignorance, and the second is not aware of knowing and understanding. But even if they are not aware, after the appearance of sexual problems, the number of people coming to the doctor for examination has increased. Now, if sexual problems appear, they will seek medical treatment.

Safe cohabitation

Earlier only hemp, bast and cotton were considered as necessities. Now society has taken cohabitation as a human need along with grass, shelter and cotton. But everyone should understand that cohabitation should be safe, otherwise it will cause health problems.

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