Asia Cup Cricket Prize money : Asia cup cricket is going on now. The team that will reach the Super Four from the group stage has been selected. Nepal lost to India in the decisive match of the Super Four stage. How much is the prize in this cricket tournament is a matter of interest to everyone. Let’s keep this information.

  • The title winner will receive three hundred thousand US dollars. (Approximately 4 crore Nepali)
  • The runner-up will receive two hundred thousand US dollars. (Approximately 2.65 million Nepali)
  • The third place will get one hundred thousand US dollars. (Nepalese about 83 lakhs)
  • The fourth place winner will receive 50,000 US dollars. (Nepalese about 4.1 million)
  • The fifth place will get 15 thousand US dollars. (Nepalese about 1.2 million)
  • Man of the series will get 25 thousand US dollars. (Nepali about 20 lakh 75 thousand)
  • Man of the match will get 5 thousand US dollars. (Nepali approx. (4 lakh 15 thousand)

In the match between Nepal and India, Indian captain Rohit Sharma received the man of the match award. He took a check for 5,000 US dollars. Similarly, Nepal’s fast bowler Sompal Kami received 3 thousand US dollars for his excellent performance.

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