Kathmandu. Kuwait has given a target of 131 runs to Oman for the third place in the ACC Premier Cup cricket tournament. Oman did not find Kuwait’s target and the game was stopped. The game was stopped due to rain. Now Oman has scored 40 runs without losing any wicket while playing 5.6 overs.

After losing the toss and batting first, Kuwait scored 130 runs in 31 overs and got all out. Adan Idris scored 34 runs for him. Oman’s Jai Odedra took 5 wickets for bowling.

Kuwait are playing for third place after their match with Nepal was canceled due to rain and Oman lost to UAE. Nepal and UAE have reached the finals. The final match will be held tomorrow. If it rains tomorrow, the game will be postponed. The winning team of the tournament will get to play in the Asia Cup next September. The top three teams will qualify for the ACC Emerging Teams Asia Cup in July.

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