Lunar eclipse is happening on November 8th i.e. Tuesday. We are telling you which sign is the moon eclipse week. We have mentioned 6 zodiac signs before. Now what is happening in these remaining 6 zodiac signs. Know Know Weekly Horoscope…

Libra – The new week will bring good results for you in work and business. Visas for students who want to study abroad may arrive this week. Stomach related problems may occur this week. Therefore, attention should also be paid to food. There may be some stress for those connected with bank and marketing work. It may take more struggle to achieve the goal.

Scorpio – The week starting from November 6 will be important for you. At the end of the week, on November 13th, the ruler of the planet Mercury will enter your sign. Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Mercury and Mars are friends of each other. Wednesday will be a lot of fun. Hence, it can bring auspicious results for your money, business and career etc.

Sagittarius – In terms of career, this week will be special for you. Students may have to work harder. During this period, people may find it difficult to repay their loans. Don’t even think about taking new loans, this is not the right time. Be serious about your spouse’s health. There is a sum of travel. These trips can be profitable. Avoid the bad things of others.

Capricorn – Saturn’s sign will be good for Capricorn this week. Hard work will pay off. Since they did not come in contact with the money, they can come home and return the money. If money is stuck in the market, try to remove it, success will come. By worshiping Lord Shani on Saturday, the effect of Sade Sati is reduced. Stopped works can be completed.

Aquarius – The new week starting from November 6 will be good for health and wealth. During this time you will get rid of money related problems. It seems that relief will be available from installments of loans etc. If you can get rid of any disease etc. There will be concern about the children’s education. Attention should be paid to the family.

Pisces – The process of getting rid of the problems you have been fighting for a long time will begin. Your colleagues may distance themselves from you because of your arrogance. Try to avoid this. People in administrative positions can benefit. Transfers and promotions may also occur, people looking for new jobs may also get good opportunities. But leaving the old office will be difficult.

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