Lunar eclipse is happening on the full moon day of November 8 of the year 2022. This is the week of eclipse. What is the effect of lunar eclipse on November 8, Aries to Virgo people, know weekly horoscope

Aries – This week is special for you in terms of weekly horoscope. The last lunar eclipse of the year on November 8 will be visible only in Aries. So the maximum effect of this eclipse will be seen in your own zodiac sign. So it is necessary to take very careful decisions in the areas of wealth, health, marital life and job. There is a strong possibility of loss today. So be careful and be patient.

Taurus – The week starting November 6 is important for you. Because on the last day of the week i.e. November 13, the ruler of the planets Mars is going to transit your sign. This transit of Mars is of special significance for you. During this time you will face financial problems. May have to travel. There may also be a change in job or transfer status. Don’t get angry and stay away from ego. Please take special care of it.

Gemini – This week will be special for you in some ways due to the lunar eclipse, Mars will be out of your sign at the end of the week. Due to which you will feel very light and stress free. People you stopped talking to can start a conversation again. A happy moment may come in married life. It will also help reduce unnecessary expenses at home.

Cancer – Your weekly horoscope will be mixed. Some good results can be achieved in terms of money. Those who are in a love relationship can advance the matter of marriage. This time is beneficial for you. At this time you can also plan to acquire a vehicle or a building. Students will take less time in the exam. It will be better to focus on the target by making the right strategy. Success may come.

Leo – This week may bring new challenges for you at the office. There is also sum of increase in wealth, profit or income. Difficulties will be faced in keeping spouse happy. It would be better to give up the habit of leading a double life. Try to present the way you do things in front of others. If you are thinking of taking out a loan, try to postpone it for now. Avoid any kind of temptation and popular offers.

Virgo – November 7th to November 13th is crucial for you. Some new challenges may arise in the family during this period. There will be an opportunity to participate in a wedding ceremony or event during the weekend. Get ready to shop. This week you can spend a lot of money on shopping. There may be signs of new responsibilities in the office. The boss is watching your work. There should be no shortcoming in the work. This week will be the cornerstone of promotion. So don’t let the good fall short.

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