Religious Bureau. According to Hindu theology, Wednesday is dedicated to the planet Mercury. Wednesday’s fast is observed for the peace of the evil influence of Mercury and for the increase of wealth, wisdom, knowledge and trade.

On this day, especially Vithal-Dev (incarnation of Krishna) is worshiped. Wednesday is considered a very auspicious day to start a new job.

Also, it is believed that one who fasts for Lord Krishna on this day will get the fruit he wants. This fast should start from the Wednesday with the constellation of Visakha. It should be observed only for at least 7 Wednesdays.

On the day of starting the fast, one should take a bath in the morning, purify oneself, put on a green cloth and chant the name of Vishnu before God.

The mantra ‘Om Budhay Namah’ should be chanted. Even in this fast, a pinch of salt should be added. Foods made from ghee, mung bean or mung bean should be included in the diet.

These are the things that should be donated when donating. On the last Wednesday, you have to donate green cloth by burning curd and ghee. If there is a cow, the cow should be served.

According to legend, a man who once went to Susurali to pick up his wife forcibly brought his wife home on Wednesday and in the process, the man was examined by Lord Mercury. He should not have traveled on Wednesday, but since he brought his wife from Susurali on the same day, Lord Mercury has taken his test.

According to the story, the wife gets thirsty on her way home. To fetch water for his thirsty wife, the man goes to the water trough. When he brings water, he sees another man sitting next to his wife. Seeing this, he gets angry and asks who you are with your wife. A polygamist like him also says that he has a wife. “I have just returned from my in-laws’ leave,” he said.

Both of them started quarreling with each other. At the same time, the soldiers of the kingdom come and try to catch the man who is going to fetch the water and ask the woman – which of these two is your real husband? Then the woman can’t answer. Because the whole form of both people is the same. The poor woman was confused as to whom to call her husband. And praying to God, she says, ‘Oh God, what a strange pastime.’ The woman’s real husband also begins to cry out to God.

After his long lament, the radio broadcasts, “Fool, you should not have traveled today, Wednesday. Lord Buddha has shown this trick because he traveled without caring about anyone.” The person then prays to Lord Buddha and apologizes for his mistake. Then God becomes introspective.

He takes his wife home. Thereafter, every Wednesday, both husband and wife regularly fast and worship, with the aim of making the marriage happy and never divorced.

Anyone who hears or narrates this story will not feel any guilt in traveling on Wednesday and there will never be any dilemma in their married life. He has always believed in happiness.

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