Kathmandu. Every person is curious about what is good or bad in the month of his birth. Every person consults astrologers due to the worry of the future. Meanwhile, according to astrology, people born in 12 months have different temperaments.

Vikram Sambat is the national calendar of Nepal based on the Hindu almanac. Baisakh is the first month according to Vikram Sambat. The fortune of people born in this month is strong. They earn a lot of money and lead a happy and prosperous life.

They are very beautiful to look at and have good character. People born in the month of Baisakh are very successful when working in the field of art, literature, foreign trade and administration. Apart from having a special interest in religion, they are also of a nature to engage in social service. But due to a little hesitation and carelessness, all the work done by them may not be successful, so they have to face various obstacles.

People born in jestha tend to be rich and intelligent in addition to having a humorous nature. They can easily earn wealth, make friends everywhere, earn money wherever they go. People born in the month of May may look physically strong, but they may get sick when the weather changes. Their love and married life is happy.

People born in the month of ashad are rich in positive thinking. Due to the yoga of destruction of wealth, most of the time of life is spent in misery.

Although people born in the month of sawan have a large body, they are of a salin nature. When you work together with everyone, you get everyone’s help and support in return. Even if you look like a victim when some money is lost, you should make the situation favorable and move forward. Although they look beautiful and attractive from the outside, their hearts are not as clean as they think.

People born in the month of bhadra are kind and simple natured. It is easy to get success quickly in business. Due to their high intellectual ability, they are successful in earning a lot of money. People born in this month love to eat and have fun in a family environment.

People born in the month of ashoj are dutiful, wealthy and fortunate. Those with high creative ability can achieve high success in the field of art.

People born in the month of kartik are believed to be hardworking and wealthy. Due to their lack of ability to make decisions, they fail when they listen to others. They do not have the nature to give up when they fail continuously. Their lives are full of happiness and sadness.

People born in the month of mangsir are rich, lucky and charitable. They are normal even though they look scaly. Their minds are very sharp. They can get respect. Also, they don’t like being lied to. If someone behaves badly, they are considered as their worst enemy, that’s why you should be careful while associating with people born in this month.

People born in poush tend to be stubborn, zealous and unimportant. They have a harsh nature and are not interested in religion. In addition to getting respect due to their own efforts, there is a common understanding that they are sure of their word. They like to travel and visit new places. These people get success in professions like teachers, technicians, media workers.

People born in the month of magh are intelligent, honest, brave and prosperous. They have a tendency to speak rudely and have a suspicious and fickle nature. People born in this month don’t want to be pampered. Sometimes they can get into big disputes when they are more arrogant. Success can be found in business and politics.

People born in falgun are intelligent, benevolent, wealthy and witty. Since they have an independent nature, they do not want to work in one place. If you fall in love because of fun, you will have to face many problems. You should not open secrets with these people just because you are a bit shy.

People born in the month of Chaitra are temperamental and have high intellectual abilities. They are smiling with a beautiful face. You can get success in creative work. There will be no crisis as you will get a lot of money. Read In Nepali

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