Kathmandu, Nov 2 (RSS): The Election Commission of Nepal has prohibited the use of government vehicles by federal or provincial ministers and the office-bearers of the local units in the election campaign.

The Election Code of Conduct (First Amendment)-2079 BS’s Clause 5 section A forbids the use of government vehicles as well as resources for the campaign of election to the upcoming parliamentary elections.
The voting for House of Representatives and provincial Assembly elections is scheduled on November 20 this year.

The Election Code of Conduct brought into effect towards the end of September this year in view of the twin elections aims to ensure the election is held in a free, impartial, transparent, credible manner and in peaceful atmosphere.

Furthermore, the amended election code of conduct permits the ministers who are contesting the upcoming elections to involve themselves in the election campaign in their respective electoral constituencies.

They are required to obtain permission from the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM) or directly from the Commission if they want to conduct or involve themselves in the election campaign within their constituencies.

They are, however, not allowed to use government resources and vehicles, according to Spokesperson of the Commission, Shaligram Sharma Poudel.

The Commission has already instructed the concerned ones for the compliance of this provision in the code of conduct through the OPMCM.

On the contrary to the federal and provincial ministers, the office-bearers of local bodies are allowed for election campaign for the respective political parties beyond their local level as well.

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