Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University has published very important information regarding the conduct of examinations. Information has been issued regarding the examinations under the Institute of Science and Technology.

Releasing the information, TU said, ‘Bachelor, Master’s degree and M.Phil. Various level examinations have been conducted since Shravan 12, 2078 BS and some of them have been completed.

As some examinations are being conducted, this information has been published for the information of the Central Chairperson of the examination center, the candidates and all concerned in order to conduct the examination in full compliance with the health standards prescribed by the Government of Nepal.

TU is preparing to publish some more results today. It is preparing to publish the results of the final semester of the third year of graduation. Keep looking at us for a while. We will come up with another result in a while.  Read this news in Nepali language.

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