Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University Examination Control Office Balkhu has clarified about the L.L. B. second year examination schedule Misinformation .

Although the information of the partial examination of the second year has not been published, the information about the partial examination of that level has been published in some media, said TU Examination Control Office.

As the information has been received, the schedule of the partial examination has not been published.

L.L. B. The partial examination of the first year is being conducted. The examination is coming to an end tomorrow. Only then will the second year come.

Most of them have complained that the health standards have not been followed in the examination centers.

Examiners at government campuses found that inspectors did not have a mask, did not have a temperature measuring device, and did not have sanitizer or hand washing facilities.

It has been alleged that the inspector has been conducting one student after another in the name of search.

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