Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University, Office of the Controller of Examinations, Balkhu has published the results of the (MPA) first year (2077) examination for both regular and partial sides. The results are given below. Don’t forget to share after watching for the information of all concerned. Click here to see the results. Click on the word.

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Public administration subject
In Nepal, the teaching of public administration was started around the year 2031 with the aim of enhancing the knowledge, capacity and skills of the administration sector. Previously, DPA (Diploma in Public Administration) was taught in the Public Administration Campus established under the Faculty of Management in Tribhuvan University. I.A. in any subject to get admission in DPA. Should have passed. Teaching of MPA (Master in Public Administration) has been started after closing DPA in 2036. After the start of MPA classes in public administration, students who have passed graduation in any subject can get admission in MPA. As per the academic schedule of Tribhuvan University, the academic session of MPA starts along with Master’s degree in other subjects.

What is taught in public administration?
Postgraduate MPA in public administration is also two years. MPA is of 500 full marks in the first year. In which the basic knowledge of public administration, research methodology in public administration, development administration, public, personal administration and office structure, public economic administration and administrative law are studied and taught.

In the second year of MPA, similar subjects like public policy analysis, public enterprise management and social responsibility, international administration, public administration management are compulsorily studied and taught. In the same way, you have to choose one of the fields or report writing from the field of development administration, human resource development field, public economic field, law and directives, administration field and report writing. Any one field is worth 200 marks, while report writing is worth 100 marks.

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