Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University has made public the results of the third year of L.L.B. towards graduation. Tribhuvan University has taken the L. L. B. The result of the third year examination has been made public.

According to the published information, the results of the 3rd year L.L.B. (3rd year) have been published by the Faculty of Law, Tribhuvan University, Examination Control Office, Balkhu.

The results of the third year 2077 partial and opportunity examinations have been published as per the decision of the Central Board of Directors.

The results of the exam can be viewed on the website www.tuexam.edu.np. Information can also be obtained by sending an SMS to L.L.B. (space) 33624 on mobile.

Although the results of the examination have been published with the aim of making it as accurate as possible, if it is found to be inaccurate due to printing or any other reason, the records of this office will be corrected.

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