Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University has published the results. The office of the Dean of the Institute of Science and Technology Studies, Kirtipur, Kathmandu has published the necessary information about the publication of the results.

Informing that the results have been made public, TU said, “The results of the BSc re-examination 2077 conducted by the Institute of Science and Technology on Bhadra 3, 2078 BS will be published on the basis of merit basis.”

The results have been published as accurately as possible, but if any errors are found, they will be corrected according to the office’s records. ‘

In addition, when enrolling students, TU has informed that the campuses / colleges are required to keep the certified copy of the transcript and character certificate and the original copy of the migration on the basis of merit.

Campuses / Colleges are required to include the students who have passed this result in the same way as the students who have passed the previous entrance examination.

According to Tribhuvan University, students are required to bring their admission card to the campus / college for admission. In the case of students who have appeared in the entrance examination but have not reached the specified qualification, the entrance examination score of such students will not be valid if the minimum qualification is not maintained before the first entrance examination.

In the end, the students who have passed the entrance exam can be admitted in any campus / college within the prescribed quota.

In addition, the student who has passed the entrance examination must have fulfilled the minimum qualification mentioned in the information related to the entrance examination. If a student is admitted without completing it, the student will be responsible for it.

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