New Delhi . A recent study has revealed the average number of sexual partners in various countries around the world. Turkey topped the list with an average of 14.5 sexual partners, followed closely by Australia with 13.3 and New Zealand with 13.2. Iceland came in fourth place with an average of 13 sexual partners, while South Africa and Finland rounded out the top five with 12.5 and 12.4 sexual partners, respectively.

The study analyzed data from various countries, including Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Japan, the UK, Denmark, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany, China, and India. The results showed that the average number of sexual partners varied widely between countries, with some countries having significantly higher averages than others.

Interestingly, some of the countries with the highest averages are also known for being relatively conservative, such as Turkey and Australia. Meanwhile, some of the more liberal countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, have much lower averages.

It is worth noting that cultural and societal factors may play a significant role in shaping sexual behavior and attitudes towards sex in different countries. However, the study provides an interesting insight into the sexual habits of people around the world and highlights the wide variation in sexual behavior between different cultures.

At the bottom of the list, China had an average of 3.1 sexual partners, while India had the lowest average of all with only 3. These numbers may reflect cultural attitudes towards sex and the relative conservatism of these countries.

Overall, the study serves as a reminder that sexual behavior and attitudes towards sex can vary widely between cultures and that it is important to consider cultural factors when studying or discussing sexual behavior.

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