Syangja, Nov 3 (RSS): The farmers here are worried after the paddy they cultivated did not bear fruits even when it is time to harvest. The paddy planted in Hulkang of Walling Municipality-14 is without any seeds.

Tekprasad Dumre, a local farmer, said that he had planted hybrid rice seeds of ‘US 312’ variety from an agrovet shop in the local market. For the past two or three years, we have been planting the same variety of rice and the yield was good at other times, but this time the paddy plant did not produce any grains.

Dumre had planted paddy in an area of seven ropanis. Kesh Bahadur Thapa, an agricultural technician of Waling municipality, said that paddy has been cultivated in a total area of 17 ropani in the village of Dumre. He confirmed that the farmers reported about the incident and returned after monitoring the fields.

Thapa said the paddy of the same variety planted by other farmers has grown well but those planted in the fields of four farmers has no grains. The reason may be the incessant rains that fell during the flowering period of the paddy plants.

He claims that hybrid rice of ‘US 312’ variety is suitable for this place but the problem was delayed plantation. Thapa said that the paddy in the fields planted a few days before the four farmers did was good.

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