(Ramesh Giri) Bhaktapur, Aug 7 : The National Examinations Board (NEB) has published the results of the secondary education examinations (SEE) 2021, today.

A meeting of the NEB published the results of 484 thousand 278 students, Examinations Controller Rudra Prasad Adhikari said. The Board has however not specified the details of the GPA secured by the students this year as well.

Announcing the results, Examinations Controller Adhikari said, “This year we did not specify how many students secured which GPA. The Board has certified the evaluation results authenticated and send by the districts.”

The examination was not held physically this year due to the risk of COVID-19 and the SEE results have been published based on the internal evaluation of the students conducted by the schools.

He shared that the results could be accessed at the Board’s website or through SMS and IVR. The results of the regular and grade upgrading examinations can be availed by sending SMS to Nepal Telecom’s 1600, NCell’s 1600 and to 34949, 31003, 35001 of other companies.

The students can also look up the results in www.see.gov.np, www.neb.gov.np, www.theconnectplus.com, www.see.edusanjal.com, www.see.ntc.net.np, www.ekantipur.com, www.ncell.axiata.com.

However, there is no provision for re-totalling, re-checking the answer papers and conducting the supplementary grade upgrading examination.

The Board has made provisions for filing application at the Education and Coordination Unit in the district in the case of any errors in the personal details of the students. (RSS)

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