Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University has again increased the salary. The salary increase by TU again is very high.

The salary of the Vice-Chancellor has reached the average of the Prime Minister more than that of the Minister. The Financial Administration Division of the Office of the Registrar of Tribhuvan University has just published the information on bhadra 3 and informed that the salary has been increased.

It has already been extended by the Government of Nepal for the civil servants, police, armed police force, Nepal Army, Nepal Health Service, Parliamentary Service, community school teachers and state and local level employees with effect from 1 Shravan 2078 BS.

As their salary has been fixed with the new salary scale (Tribhuvan University Salary Scale), Grade and Technical Grade with effect from 1st Shravan 2078 BS, TU has also done the same accordingly.

It is stated that the TU Executive Council has decided to implement the salary scale of the office bearers, teachers and staffs who receive salary allowance from the central fund of TU from the 1st of Shravan 2078 BS.

Decision No. of the meeting held on Bhadra 1, 2078. As per the decision of 988, it has been decided to increase it.

As mentioned in the notice, the salary of the Vice-Chancellor is higher than that of the Minister of the Government of Nepal. The monthly salary of the current minister is Rs 70,000. The number of vice-chancellors has reached 73,980. While the Prime Minister has Rs 77,280.

The monthly salary of the Deputy Prime Minister is Rs 77,000. Similarly, the head of education, the registrar, the members of the service commission, the dean, the executive director and the controller of examinations have more than the minister. Their salary is above Rs 70,000. Even the professors have Rs 62,680.

Such is the information

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