Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University has published the results.

The results have been published by the Office Examination Branch of the Dean of the Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University, Balkhu.

Office of the Dean of Tribhuvan University Institute of Science and Technology Examination Branch Balkhu under the semester examination system conducted in the month of December, 2078. It is mentioned in the information published as per the decision.

It is mentioned in the notice that the candidates with the following numbers have passed the examination.

As the following examinees acted irregularly in the examination building, the examination roll no. Candidates of MB 1545/078 have been expelled from the examination in the first year of the second term 2076 group in the year 2078 BS by canceling the examination of all the subjects so that they cannot join the examination of the second year 2077 group in the first year.

The letter of credit will be received from the concerned central department campus.

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