KATHMANDU: As the axis of the monsoon trough remains at an average location, Nepal is experiencing the impacts of the low-pressure system situated in the vicinity of India’s Bihar and West Bengal states.

Consequently, several parts of Nepal are expected to witness rainfall today, as reported by the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.

The Department has forecasted partial to moderate rain across the country, with thunder and lightning expected in a few places in Gandaki and Lumbini provinces. A general change in the weather is anticipated in the afternoon.

The Department has predicted moderate to heavy rain with thundershowers in some areas of Koshi, Madhesh, Bagmati, Gandaki, and Lumbini provinces, as well as a few places in the remaining states.

It has reiterated also its call for farmers to postpone the schedule for rice harvesting and ensure prompt storage of already harvested rice, given the prolonged duration of the monsoon this year.

In Nepal, the tentative process for the monsoon exit typically begins on October 2, but this year it remains active.

Senior meteorologist Barun Poudel stated that the monsoon’s duration is extending, with its departure likely to take about one more week.

A cloudy sky is expected for the next few days, and rainfall is likely in several places, prompting farmers to be especially vigilant in protecting their crops.

This year, the monsoon started on June 14 and spread nationwide after nine days of its arrival. It initially struck the eastern part of Koshi, Madhes, and Gandaki Provinces, as well as almost all parts of the Bagmati Provinces.

During its initial phase, it resulted in significant loss of life in eastern Nepal.

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