Kathmandu. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has said that he is unlikely to return to European football. Speaking to ESPN, he said that he is committed to making the Saudi Pro League the best competition in the world.

I am 38 years old. I fully believe that I will not join any European club anymore”, he said. Ronaldo also said that European leagues are losing good players.

“European football has lost many good players. The Premier League is the only one that is still performing well and is attractive. It is much better than other leagues”, said Ronaldo.

He also commented on Argentine footballer Lionel Messi’s affiliation with Inter Miami. Although he was ready to become the tourism ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Messi chose America for professional football. The 36-year-old Argentine captain joined Inter Miami after rejecting Al Hilal’s offer. Ronaldo has also claimed that the Saudi club is better than Inter Miami.

Saudi League is better than MLS. I opened the way for Saudi, many players are coming now. They will come again after a year,” said Ronaldo.

Saudi clubs are now attracting world-class players. Ronaldo joined Al Nasr in January. Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema also joined Al Ittihad last June. Reuven Neves has left Barcelona and joined Al Hilal. N’Golo Kante has also joined Al Ittihad along with Benzema.

Saudi clubs have given priority to players who have performed well in European leagues and are getting older. With the arrival of Ronaldo, the interest of other players in the Saudi league has also increased. In the pre-season, Al Nasr lost 5-0 to Celta Vigo’s B team. It has also raised questions at the Saudi level.

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