Kohalpur. In Kohalpur, the Area Police Office has started conducting surprise raids on hotels to curb anti-social activities. During the emergency monitoring, unique scenes and incidents were seen.

The police have been shocked to learn that this is happening even in Kohalpur. Suspicious activity was seen in many guest houses. In some cases, red hands were found.

Chief of the Area Police Office, DSP Rabindra Khanal informed that the police raided the hotels in Kohalpur to reduce anti-social activities.

According to him, nine people, including Sauni of New Salyani Guest House, have been arrested.

According to DSP Khanal, three persons including Sauni of New Salyani Guest House and six others involved in anti-social activities have been arrested.

There were some suspicious activities in some guest houses but no arrest has been made due to lack of evidence. But now the police have a plan to keep a close watch, he said.

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