Kathmandu. Popular documentaries like ‘Bhagyele Bachekaharu’, ‘Co-Husband’ and ‘Civil Soldiers’ have brought director Ganesh Panday to the forefront of discussion in the country and abroad.

Proof that he has been able to present one very successful documentary film after another to the audience is to be selected in many world famous festivals around the world. Director Panday’s documentary ‘Sahayak Shriman- Co-Husband’, which emerged after the huge success of ‘Bhagyele Bachekaharu’, has now been selected at the world’s prestigious International Film Festival.

The ‘Co-Husband’, who won the Best Award at the Nepal International Film Festival and the Cannes International Film Festival in Russia, has now been selected for the International Film Festival in half a dozen countries.

The ‘Co- Husband’ has been selected for the 29th International Festival of Mountain Films to be held in Poprad, Slovakia from October 13 to 17. The documentary has also been selected for the 18th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival, Germany. The festival is being held in Germany from October 13 to October 17.

Similarly, the documentary film ‘Sahayak Shriman’ [ ‘Co-Husband’ ] has been selected for the 16th Annual Tasveer South Asian Film Festival in Washington, USA from October 1 to 24.

The documentary has also been selected for the 4th Multicultural Film Festival, 2021, Toronto, Canada. For this, director Ganesh Panday is preparing to go to USA, Canada and Europe. Covid-19 international tour of the “Co- husband” was also halted due to the suspension of film festivals around the world.

But now that the situation is getting easier, ‘Co- Husbands’ like ‘Bhagyele Bachekaharu’ have started making headlines in the international arena. Director Panday has won 23 international awards so far. ‘Sahayak Shriman i.e. Co-Husband’ is a documentary film based on the story of Nepal’s endangered Polyandry.

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