Purna Prasad Mishra, Nepal . The Nag Panchami Festival that falls on the Shrawan Shukla Panchami as per the lunar calendar is being observed today across the country by Hindus as per the time-honoured tradition.

The the festival is being marked by offering worship to Nag or the snake god and pasting a picture above the main door of the house. It is believed that pasting the picture of snake god also safeguards the family from snake and scorpion, and also from fire and lightning.

Nag Pooja is believed to have started in the Vedic time and Nag is considered the king of snake as per the Vedic tradition.

Special Pooja are being offered in Nagpokhari and Taudaha in Kathmandu, Siddhapokhari in Bhaktapur and other ponds and shrines in the country today.

After the worships, the snake gods are offered cow milk, Akshata, Dubo grass, rice pudding and Roti with due respect.

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