DANG: Former Speaker, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, has affirmed his willingness to cooperate with the government’s inquiry into the gold smuggling case.

In a conversation with journalists in Dang, Mahara, also serving as the Vice Chairman of the ruling Maoist Center, expressed his readiness to support the government’s efforts to probe his alleged involvement in the gold smuggling controversy.

“I have consistently conveyed my willingness to cooperate fully with any governmental investigation pertaining to the gold case. I have even urged them to summon me for questioning. However, I find myself at a loss when such invitations are not extended,” he lamented.

He further disclosed that his acquaintance with Wang, a Chinese national reportedly linked to the gold smuggling episode, was limited to their interaction as fellow merchants. Beyond this interaction, Mahara disclaims any familiarity with Wang’s activities.

Mahara took exception to the apparent baseless targeting he has experienced in relation to the gold case and expressed discontent over the dissemination of misleading information through the media.

Categorically denying any involvement in discussions related to gold smuggling, Mahara detailed an encounter with Wang, during which the latter sought assistance in resolving an issue at customs concerning a friend’s electronic cigarette.

“Not a word was exchanged about gold; in fact, I was unaware of the contents. I engaged with Customs Office personnel, advising them to adhere to legal protocols,” he supplemented.

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