Kathmandu: The Madhes Province Assembly’s meeting is to hold election to the Speaker, while Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav is undergoing floor test today.

The meeting scheduled for 1:00pm will have CM Yadav to take votes of confidence. Similarly, names of the proposed candidates of the Speakers will be read out in the meeting, according to Province Assembly secretariat.

Saroj Kumar Yadav

The newly elected Chief Minister Yadav had taken oath of office and secrecy on January 13.

In the race to the Speaker, Ramchandra Mandal of UML is on behalf of ruling alliance while Jangi Lal Raya from Nepali Congress.

The 107-member Province Assembly needs to have 54 votes for anyone to secure PM post. Among 10 political parties in the Province Assembly, 63 votes are from UML, JSP, Janamat Party, Maoist Centre, RPP and Nepal Sanghiya Samajbadi, and two candidates combined.

As the LSP is said to be ready to support Yadav, the number of votes for CM will rise to 72.

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