Kathmandu. The Midwest University Examination Management Office has postponed the examination program until further notice.

It is also mentioned in the published notice that the examination program will be republished by publishing at least 15 days advance notice.

According to the information, the examination program scheduled to be conducted by the Mid-Western University Examination Management Office in Shravan-Bhadra, 2078 BS, has been postponed due to the ongoing student agitation at the university. Despite continuous discussions among the representatives of the organization, the agitating students’ union has not been able to open the lock of the Examination Management Office, Midwestern University, on August 20, 2078 BS. Has been postponed again.

The schedule of the above examinations will be published at least 15 days in advance as per the understanding between the university and the students. Read this news in Nepali language.

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