Washington [US], August 23 (ANI): Taliban is seeking legitimacy and have made promises but Washington will see whether “they mean or not”, said US President Joe Biden, adding that “I don’t trust anybody” when asked whether he believes the Taliban or not.

During his address to the nation from White House, Biden said if the Taliban is going to attempt to provide for the people of Afghanistan, they would need additional help in terms of economic assistance, trade and a whole range of things. “I don’t trust anybody.

Taliban has to make a fundamental decision. Is the Taliban going to attempt to be able to unite and provide for well being of the people of Afghanistan, which no one group has ever done for 100 years? If it does, it would need additional help in terms of economic assistance, trade and a whole range of things,” he said when asked whether he trusts the Taliban now.

“Taliban has said and we will see whether they mean or not. They are seeking legitimacy to determine whether or not they would be recognised by other countries. They have told other countries as well as us that they do not want us to move our diplomatic presence completely. All this talk now, so far Taliban has not taken actions against US forces,” he added.

His remarks come as countries continue to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan through the Kabul airport, which is under US forces’ control.

The evacuations are being carried out as the security situation has deteriorated in Afghanistan following the takeover by the Taliban and the collapse of Ashraf Ghani’s government.

US military has pulled around 25,100 individuals from Afghanistan since August 14, and approximately 30,000 since the end of July.

Biden said he is in discussions with his military officials regarding the extension of the evacuation mission in Afghanistan, beyond the August 31 deadline.

Biden informed that the US has extended the safe zone around the Kabul airport. “We have made a number of changes, including extending the access around the airport and the safe zone,” he said.

Earlier on Friday, Biden had termed the evacuation from Afghanistan the ‘most difficult and largest airlift’ ever in the history. He had assured to get all Americans and allies out of the war-torn country. “Kabul evacuation is among the largest and most difficult airlifts in history,” Biden had said. (ANI)

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