Kathmandu. If you have a habit of sleeping late in the morning, you must have been scolded by your parents, siblings, husband or wife or someone else. If you wake up while you are sleeping, you may get angry.

If you wake up while having a more beautiful dream, the amount of anger increases. Generally, most of the people do not have a fixed bed time. Not getting up. How much sleep is not certain.

Now it can be seen that mobile phones are becoming dearer than sleep. Today we are giving information about how much sleep people of which age group should sleep from the point of view of health. It has been prepared with the help of material published in Sleep Health Foundation.

How much does the age group sleep?

0–3 months : 14–17 hours
4–11 months : 12–15 hours
1–2 years : 11–14 hours
3–5 years : 10–13 hours
6–13 years : 9–11 hours
14-17 years : 8-10 hours
18–25 years : 7–9 hours
26–64 years : 7–9 hours
7-8 hours from 65 years and above

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