Kathmandu. We earthlings think of the sun as a ball of fire. It is said that anyone who comes near it turns into ashes. But there is no difference of opinion that the sun is the biggest cause of life on this earth. If there was no sun, this world would not exist.

We look at the sun almost every morning and evening. We always see its various forms. But have you seen the sun smile? You probably haven’t seen it. But for the first time, a NASA satellite has released a rare image of the Sun. This week, the mood of Surya is good.

At least that’s what it looks like in this NASA photo. This picture was taken by NASA satellite on Thursday morning. Sharing the photo, NASA wrote, “Today, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the Sun ‘smiling’ on camera.”

Visible in ultraviolet light, these dark spots on the Sun are called coronal holes. These are the regions where intense solar winds flow into space.” If we look carefully at this picture, we can see that the sun is smiling at us.

Say cheese! 📸

Today, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught the Sun “smiling.” Seen in ultraviolet light, these dark patches on the Sun are known as coronal holes and are regions where fast solar wind gushes out into space.

If you look at this photo taken from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, you can see his two black eyes, round nose and happy smile. It was launched in 2010 by the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Since then it has been orbiting in space, keeping track of the Sun’s motion. It is used to study space weather and track the brightness and explosion of stars.

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