Kathmandu . First of all, all of us know that the full marks of NEB Grading is 4 (like SEE). Class 11 and 12 result shows subject wise grading where separate grading of theory and practical is given and also the total obtained GPA.

But aggregate marks (which is given in Transcript) of class 11 and 12 will show your total aggregate GPA including the total grades in each subject in average.

In SEE, a person needs to secure more than 3.6 GPA to secure A+, more than 3.2 to secure A and so on. But, in NEB mark sheet or Transcript, you will find only your GPA but not letter grade such as A+, A, B+, etc. So, only consider your GPA points but not letter grade and don’t worry if you achieve slightly less than so called A+ or A or B+ and so on.

Note: Only GPA is written in the ​NEB mark sheet but not the Grade (like A+, A, B+, B, etc.) so still it’s not clear that >3.6 is A+ or >3.5 is A+ or else as NEB hasn’t officially declared that and I think it will not so as to focus on GPA but not on the grade which is equivalent to that GPA

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