Kathmandu: Chief Minister of the Gandaki Province, Khagaraj Adhikari, has said irrespective of the parties forming new government, mission to prosperity must not elude.

Khagaraj Adhikari
At a programme organized at Amar Singh Chaur of Pokhara on Wednesday, CM Adhikari viewed the new government should make continuous efforts to ensure prosperity, which is the aspiration of all Nepalis.

“Millions of youths are forced to leave the country for jobs, so all tiers of government must work together to create jobs within home,” he said, expressing hope that the fairs and festivals would contribute to cultural protection and promotion.
According to him, the fairs also help in boosting economy which has been dented by the COVID-19.

On a different note, the CM said government had given a public holiday on the occasion of 301st birth anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah. All should remember and respect the unifier Prithvi Narayan Shah, he underscored.
CM Adhikari was speaking at a fair organized by a local United Club. It would continue till January 22.

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