Kathmandu. The flydubai plane that caught fire after taking off from Kathmandu airport has landed safely in Dubai.

Shortly after take off from Kathmandu Airport, Flydubai’s plane caught fire due to bird collision and landed safely at Dubai Airport. Flydubai’s plane has landed safely in Dubai, state-run Nepal Television reported on Tuesday.

An airport source said that shortly after the flight took off from Tribhuvan International Airport at 9:20 am on Monday morning, there was a problem with one of the engines of the flight carrying more than 160 passengers. Had to stop in the sky for a while. The pilots later informed the tower to continue the flight when they found that all the indicators of the situation were under control.

Our experienced flight crew followed standard operating procedures and determined that the engine was within normal operating parameters and continued the onward journey, a UAE company spokesman told news agency Reuters.

Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, informed on his Facebook account that Flydubai’s plane reached its destination safely and asked everyone not to worry.

“Flydubai flight number 576 (Boeing 737-800) from Kathmandu to Dubai is now normal and has proceeded to its destination Dubai according to the flight plan,” Nepal Civil Aviation Authority said in a tweet on Monday.

More than 160 passengers including 50 Nepali passengers were on board. Eyewitnesses had earlier claimed to have seen a plane on fire in the sky of Kathmandu. According to sources, the fire brigade was also put on alert at the Kathmandu airport.

Nepal Civil Aviation Authority spokesperson Jagannath Niraula said in a statement to Reuters that the engine caught fire shortly after take off from Kathmandu. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the fire on flydubai flight 576 has been brought under control and there were 167 passengers on board the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

A full emergency has been declared at Delhi airport after a bird struck a Dubai-bound flight

On Monday night, a full emergency was declared at the Delhi airport after a Dubai-bound Fly Dubai plane struck a bird on takeoff. A full emergency was declared after it was reported that it had advanced from Nepal to Delhi. An official of the airport said that when the plane came to Delhi with a bird strike and engine failure, we were all in a state of readiness. Later, when everything was normal, we released the regular schedule.

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