Kathmandu. On Monday, Fly Dubai, which took off from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport, is on its way to its destination after the problem has been resolved.

According to the flight radar, the plane is flying in the sky of New Delhi, India at 11:30 pm.

At 10:45 PM, the ship is flying 34,000 feet in the sky of New Delhi.

Fly Dubai’s FJet 576 took off from Kathmandu to Dubai at 9:20 am. As soon as it took off, the plane caught fire and there was a crackling sound. After realizing that there was a problem, the pilot took the plane to the sky above Dhading and held it.

According to Pradeep Adhikari, Director General of Tribhuvan International Airport, the pilot reached Dhading Dharke and inspected the aircraft.

At Dharke, the pilot inspected the ship after stopping for a while. After saying that everything is normal, he flew to the destination, said the Director General, the pilot informed that the problem of his ship was solved and he was going to the destination.

Tribhuvan International Airport tower officials have also said that although the plane caught fire and crashed, there was no problem with the engine. They also requested the families and relatives of the passengers on board not to worry as the ship is now in normal condition.

Due to the flight of Fly Dubai, seven flights were held in the Nepali sky for a while.

Four aircraft belonging to Air Arabia, Malaysian Air, Singapore Air and Buddha Air were held in Nepal’s skies. Now all these ships have landed.

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