Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University has made public the results of various levels, faculties and sections.

The Examination Control Office of Tribhuvan University, Balkhu has published the results of the examination conducted by the Faculty of Education conducted in the month of February, 2077 BS.

According to the published information, the results of the four-year bachelor’s level third year examination on behalf of the Faculty of Education have been published as per the decision of the Central Examination Steering Committee.

Pursuant to Articles 268 and 270 of paragraph 66 of the Rules of Procedure 2050 regarding the organization and educational administration of TRIV He has been expelled for 2 (two) years from appearing in any examination till 2078 BS.

You can check the results of the examination by visiting the official website of the TU Examination Control Office at www.tuexam.edu.np. You can see and find out by typing (space) symbol number and sending an SMS to 33624.

Although the results of the examination have been published for the purpose of making it as accurate as possible, if it is found to be impure due to printing or any other reason, the records of this office will be corrected. The notice said.

In addition, the certificate will be distributed from the concerned campus after 15 days.

Don’t forget to share for the information of all concerned after you have seen it.

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