Kathmandu. Marriage has a special significance in Nepali society. Every Nepali thinks that marriage should be celebrated with pomp.

India is not far behind in terms of marriage. From time to time interesting things come out about marriage. A similar marriage is seen in South India.

Fuel prices continue to rise in India. Meanwhile, a newlywed couple received five liters of petrol as a gift at their wedding. A Tamil comedian mayilsamy has given petrol to a couple as a gift.

The other people who came to the wedding were shocked to see the unusual gift. The photo taken to commemorate the wedding is now going viral on social media.

When mayilsamy went to the mandapa to congratulate the newlyweds, he gave them two plastic cans of petrol. The gift is said to be a protest against rising fuel prices in India.

He was gifted two cans of petrol in an attempt to express his concern over rising fuel prices, local media reported.

In the video, he also praised the recent decision of the Tamil Nadu government to reduce the price of petrol by Rs 3 per liter. He also accused the Narendra Modi led government at the Center of not paying any attention to the issue.

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