Kathmandu. A foreign tourist has been missing since Monday. A female tourist named Elisa Toma has been missing since Monday in Nepal. According to information, She was last seen in a hot bath. mother Karin Moix has appealed to everyone to help in her search On social media,.

She informed about this through a Facebook post on Friday. It has been found that Elisa came to visit Nepal from Switzerland. Anyone who finds her can contact the nearest police station or Toma’s mother Laura directly on +41792151333.

Please Népali friend ❤
Elisa Tomà has disappeared since Monday in Nepal. At the last news she was at the Tatopani baths. (Annapurna région)Can you please share as much as possible. And if you have any leads contact the mother Laura in Switzerland at +41 79 215 13 33.
Thank you very much for your help

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