Kathmandu : Election materials, security personnel and officials have been sent in helicopters in 12 polling centres in upper Dolpa. Of the total 68 polling centres in the district, 22 polling centres are in the upper region.

Chief Returning Officer Baburam Subedi stated that the election materials and officials are supplied by the Nepali Army helicopters in Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality, Chharka Tang Song Rural Municipality and Shey Phoksundo Rural Municipality.

The polling centres in the upper Dolpa take some one week to reach there on foot.
According to Subedi, request has been made to the Election Commission to bring those officials and ballot boxes after the completion of the voting due to geographical remoteness of the region and heavy snowfall.

Subedi said that demands were made to supply the election materials in helicopters in all 22 polling centres in upper Dolpa but supplies were made only for 12 polling centres based on need.

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