Kathmandu. DHARANIDHAR BHATTA of Kailali has become the second best examinee of Tribhuvan University.

According to the published results of the first semester regular examination of the Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) program conducted from 18th January 2021 to 28th January 2021 from the office of the Dean of the Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management. The best is the second point.

Professor Tek Bahadur Madai of Kailali multiple Campus informed that he has secured this position by bringing 3.88 CGPA.

He has congratulated by posting on social media. Relatives and friends are all happy with Bhatt’s result.

Congratulations to Bhatt on social media. Fans are writing that there is an example that the peak of success can be achieved through concentration, diligence and untiring efforts.

It is said that Bhatta has been able to add a new dimension to the educational upliftment of Kailali multiple Campus by becoming energetic with strong self-confidence and following the inspiration and guidance of the teacher and the campus.

Gem of exemplary character and intellectual acumen Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) in the first semester of the year 2077 with the best 3.88 CGPA so far.

Congratulations to brilliant student DHARANIDHAR BHATTA for being a second topper of TU by securing 3.88 CGPA in the BBM first semester. I wish you all the best and keep it up.

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