Kathmandu. Croatia has entered the semi-finals after defeating Brazil in the first quarter-final match of FIFA World Cup 2022.

Despite the end of the scheduled time, Brazil reached the semi-finals by winning the penalty shootout after a one-goal tie in the added time. The goal was 4-2 on penalties.

While 2 players from Brazil missed the penalty, all the players from Croatia managed to score. Brazil scored a sensational goal in the beginning. But in the 117th minute of the game, Bruno Petkovic of Croatia returned the goal and made the game equal with one goal each.

Brazilian midfielder Neymar scored a goal against Croatia in the first half of extra time. The pass given by Lucas Paqueta tricked the goalkeeper and Neymar got close to the post and penetrated inside.

After Neymar broke the deadlock, Brazil-Croatia scored one goal each. Neymar equaled Pele’s all-time goalscoring record for Brazil with a brilliant move and finish. He got to the edge of the box and gave a great performance.

At this time, the temperature of the FIFA World Cup has heated up the whole world. If you are also a football fan, FIFA excitement is about to reach another level for you.

Because the quarter finals of FIFA continue from today. There are a total of eight teams in the FIFA World Cup 2022 quarter-finals, which will compete for a place in the semi-finals from Friday to Sunday. In the first match of FIFA World Cup 2022 semi-finals, Croatia secured their place in the semi-finals by defeating Brazil.

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