Kathmandu: On the occasion of Maghe Sankranti festival, a bull fight is going to be held at Bhangeri in Dhuwankot of Neelkanth Municipality-14, Dhading.

The bull fight is one of the major attractions of the agriculture and handicrafts exhibition that is being held to mark the festival. The festival is organized by the Culture Preservation and Tourism Promotion Center Dhuwankot with the support of Neelkanth Municipality.

Bull fight to be organized
According to the organizers, the bulls have been divided into four groups based on their age, size and strength. There are three bulls in the first group, six in the second and four each in the third and fourth groups.

The winner of the first group will be awarded Rs 12,000, the second group winner will get Rs 10,000, the third group winner will get Rs 8,000 and the fourth group will receive a prize of Rs 4,000.
The bullfight venue is at a distance of 12 kilometers from Bhangeri Dhadingbensi in Neelkanth Municipality-14. The tradition of engaging bulls in Maghe Sankranti is found in Dhading, Nuwakot and Rasuwa districts.

The tradition of bull fight is believed to have started when then King Jai Prithvi Bahadur Singh of Bajhang came to his maternal home in Taruka.

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