Brussels [Belgium], November 11 . One police officer has been killed and another injured in a stabbing attack in Brussels. A police patrol was attacked by a person with a knife on Thursday night. According to the prosecutor’s spokesperson, the attacker has been shot in the leg, CNN reported.

The Belgian Prosecutor’s spokesperson Eric Van Duyse told CNN that the attack is “suspected to be terror-related” and it needs to be confirmed by an inquiry. Van Duyse further said that the attack took place at around 7:30 pm (local time) at Rue d’Aerschot in Schaerbeek municipality of Brussels. “It is suspected to be terror-related. It has naturally to be confirmed by the inquiry,” CNN quoted Eric Van Duyse as saying.

Furthermore, prosecutor’s spokesperson Eric Van Der Sypt said that the attacker was shot in the leg. The attacker has been taken to the hospital.

The North Brussels police force spokesperson said that a police patrol was attacked by a person with a knife on Thursday and other policemen came as backup and used their guns to shoot the attacker. The spokesperson further said that the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment. According to the spokesperson, the first investigative duties were being conducted.

“Other policemen came as backup and use their guns to shoot the attacker as to control the person,” a spokesperson of the North Brussels police force told CNN by email.

“The injured were brought to the hospital. The first investigative duties are ongoing,” the spokesperson added.

Following the attack on the police officer, Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Croo offered condolences to his family and friends. Taking to his Twitter handle, he also hoped for the recovery of another police officer who was undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Alexander De Croo tweeted, “Our police officers risk life and limb every day to keep our society safe. Unfortunately, that is once again apparent today. My thoughts go out to the family and friends of the deceased officer. I sincerely hope that his colleague in the hospital will be okay.”

Calling violence “unacceptable,” Belgian Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden expressed condolences and described the incident as “terrible.” Verlinden stated that she follows the situation closely and is in contact with local authorities and police.

Annelies Verlinden tweeted, “What a terrible drama. This event breaks my heart. My thoughts are first and foremost with the loved ones, the members of the police zone and the entire police force.” In another tweet, Verlinden said, “I follow the situation closely and stay in close contact with the mayor, the corps commander and the police services. This violence is unacceptable.” (ANI):

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