Bill Gates says for AI : Billionaire Bill Gates, who is also the founder of Microsoft company and a well-known technology expert, has expressed his opinion regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Various well-known people in the field of technology have previously written a joint letter saying that artificial intelligence technology is dangerous and that control is necessary, while Bill Gates has expressed the opposite opinion.

According to Bill Gates, AI is a rapidly developing technology, which has huge potential. Also, like any other technology, it also comes with various risks.

Bill Gates, who is optimistic about the future of AI, has claimed that unprecedented development can be made in microprocessors, personal computers, internet and mobile technology by using its tremendous capabilities.

According to him, artificial intelligence can be used in the best way in the field of production, health and education.

He says, “If AI is used in the right way, it will help to reduce the inequality in the field of healthcare and education. In the field of production, AI will help to improve the efficiency of the process as well as increase efficiency.”

According to him, healthcare services can be democratized with the help of AI and disease diagnosis can also be improved.

In addition, he believes that AI will help in reducing the gap in educational equality and personalized learning in the field of education.

Some risk

However, Bill Gates has not even talked about the absolute benefits of AI. He also explained about its real risks.

He said that there are problems like inaccuracy, forgetfulness and lack of relevant understanding in the existing AI system. He also said that concrete efforts are needed to overcome such challenges.

Human control over technology

Bill Gates believes in the superiority of man. Humans have a history of mastering all kinds of challenges posed by technology. Therefore, he insists that we can control AI as well. But for this, governments and private companies should work together, Bill Gates has suggested.

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