Kathmandu. FIFA World Cup 2022 has reached its final stage. The semi-final matches are also taking place today. The teams of Argentina, France, Croatia and Morocco have reached the semi-finals.

The first semi-final of this great game is being held in Qatar today. This match will be between Argentina and Croatia. In front of thousands of spectators at Lusail Stadium in Qatar, the players of both countries will gather their full strength for victory for 90 minutes.

Argentina VS Croatia
The first semi-final of Qatar World Cup will be between Argentina and Croatia. Argentina has a good attacking team while Croatia has a strong defense. The Croatian team was the runner-up in the last World Cup. While this time it has entered the semi-finals through the penalty shootout. Argentina’s team is also very strong. You can watch the game from 12:45 pm according to Nepali time.

Will Messi’s dream come true?
The 35-year-old star player Lionel Messi’s football career has been brilliant. But so far his dream of winning the World Cup has not been fulfilled. Messi has been playing football for 16 years. He has played in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018 World Cup. But his team has not won yet. This time Messi is using great power to fulfill his dream. The Argentine team has also reached the semi-finals. Two wins are needed to fulfill Messi’s dream. Argentina last won the World Cup under Maradona in 1986. Lionel Messi was not even born at that time.

The history of both teams in the semi-finals
In the history so far, the Argentine team has not lost in the semi-finals. These two teams have reached the semi-finals most of the time. They have played in the finals many times. The Argentine team reached the semi-finals in 1930, 1978, 1986, 1990, 2014. The team has won all these games. Argentina won the World Cup in 1978 and 1986. While the Croatian team reached the semi-finals for the third time.

Both teams are equal in numbers.
There have been 5 matches between Argentina and Croatia so far. Both the teams have won two games each. While one match has been tied. If we talk about the FIFA World Cup, these two have clashed a few times. Both teams have won one game each. In 1998, the Argentine team defeated Croatia 1-0. In 2018, the Croatian team defeated Argentina 3-0. These two teams are facing each other for the first time in the knockout stage.

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