Religious Bureau. The nymphs of Devaraja Indradev are specially mentioned in the scriptures. Whenever a sage or demon is absorbed in meditation, it is mentioned that Indra sends nymphs to break the penance.

If a woman has to admire her beauty, it is said that she is as beautiful as a nymph. But many may not know who the nymphs were. What were they like?

Learn about nymphs to find out what it’s like to be like a nymph. There used to be many nymphs in Indra’s assembly. Learn about these 5 nymphs.

Rambha: Rambha, the nymph of Indralok, was famous for her beauty in all the three worlds, including heaven, earth and hell. Rambha used to live with Nalkuber, the son of Kuber, the god of wealth, as his wife. Ravana was fascinated with Rambha and he wanted to have a relationship with Rambha. Rambha is considered to be a very beautiful woman.

Urvashi: The beauty of Urvashi is described in the Mahabharata. Arjuna was once fascinated by the form of Urvashi when he went for a walk in heaven. Arjun was also liked by Urvashi but Arjun rejected Urvashi’s love proposal. Angered by her denial of love, Urvashi cursed Arjun to give birth to a young woman. Therefore, the young incarnation of Arjuna has also been described.

Menaka: Sage Vishwamitra did hard penance of unity. There is a statement that Indra sent a nymph in the name of Maina to distract the sage Vishwamitra. Sage Vishwamitra was distracted by Maneka’s appearance. Later, sage Vishwamitra and Main were married. And, gave birth to a daughter named Shakuntala.

Tilottama: Tilottama’s name comes to the fore as the most beautiful nymph of heaven. While constructing the earth, it is said that Brahma created Tilottama by collecting the most beautiful objects in the world.

Punjikasthala: The nymph of Punjikasthala made fun of the sage who was meditating. The sage was angry because of his behavior and cursed Punjikasthala to be the face of a monkey. Later it is mentioned in the scriptures that Punjikasthala gave birth to Hanuman son by giving birth to monkey race as Anjani. Agency

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