Kathmandu, Nepal (April 26, 2023) – As part of its continuous pursuit to create an optimal experience for test takers, ETS announced today a series of exciting TOEFL iBT® enhancements. Over the next few months, test takers can expect:

• A shortened TOEFL iBT test for administrations beginning July 26, 2023. The test will now take less than two hours to complete — previously three hours — as a result of:

o Streamlined instructions and navigation throughout the test.
o A new, more modern “Writing for an Academic Discussion” task, which replaces the previous Independent Writing task.
o A shorter Reading section.
o The removal of all unscored test questions
• A simplified registration process beginning July 2023. Test takers can create an account and register for an available TOEFL iBT test date quicker and easier than ever before.
• Increased score transparency beginning July 26, 2023. Test takers will see their official score release date upon completion of the test, in addition to receiving real-time notification of changes to their score status.

“ETS is driving the future of assessment through product innovations across education and learning, and TOEFL is core to that effort,” said Amit Sevak, CEO of ETS. “TOEFL has been an industry standard for nearly six decades, and these enhancements further underscore its position. Most importantly, these enhancements were developed through the lens of our customers and stakeholders — because they are our highest priority to serve.”

Test takers who have already registered for a TOEFL iBT test have the option to reschedule their test date for free if they’d like to experience these new enhancements or move up their test date before they take effect. Free reschedules can be made until April 30, 2023,
via their TOEFL account. In addition, updated versions of the TOEFL iBT Free Practice Test and TOEFL iBT Practice Sets are now available on the TOEFL website. Additional free and paid test prep options will be updated to reflect these changes in the next few weeks.

For score users, the TOEFL iBT score scale remains the same, so their requirements can stay the same, too. The TOEFL test remains the most trusted, valid, reliable and secure option for score users around the world. And now, with these additional enhancements, score users can be assured that test takers’ experience is now more delightful — saving them time, while reducing test day anxiety.

To learn more about the TOEFL iBT enhancements, visit www.ets.org/toefl/ibt-enhancements. To create an account, register for a test, access test prep resources and more, visit www.ets.org/toefl.

About the TOEFL iBT test
The TOEFL iBT test, created by ETS, is the most respected, accepted and preferred test of academic English-language proficiency, used for study, work and immigration. More than 11,500 institutions in more than 160 countries worldwide use TOEFL iBT scores to make high-stakes decisions. The test boasts 100% acceptance in popular English-speaking destinations including the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The test is backed by decades of research and has helped millions of learners on their study abroad journeys. It’s a crucial part of the TOEFL Family of Assessments, which houses a TOEFL test for each stage of English-language proficiency, starting with learners 8+. For more information, visit www.ets.org/toefl.

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